Our Story

Aristotle, ancient Greek philosopher and scientist coined the word “ethos” to refer to a person or organization’s character and integrity.

Today the word Ethos is synonymous with authenticity and trust. 

In the case of Ethos Cycling we believe the word suits our strong values and commitment to fitness education. At Ethos Cycling the credibility of our brand is reflected in the professional training and certifications of our cycling instructors.


Our Philosophy

We believe that exercise is transformational. The connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind has been studied for centuries, but the transformational power of exercise goes beyond inches, pounds and clothing sizes.

The magical mix of bringing people together in a community, using music as a motivator under the careful guidance of a nationally certified professional, allows people to create experiences that allow them to release their everyday stress and worries, or mine their inner athlete and be inspired to enter a competitive sport. 

We believe in making exercise a habit and inspiring people to live healthy lifestyles on and off the bike. 


The Ethos Difference

All Ethos instructors are nationally certified and either bring the experience of road cycling and triathlon to their classes or the knowledge of group fitness instruction.

Ethos Cycling classes follow the ABCs of Schwinn Cycling – a 100 year iconic American brand. Ethos Cycling classes are Authentic to the sport of cycling, besides, the Bloomington community wouldn’t have it any other way. You will not see us do anything on the bike that a cyclist wouldn’t do on the road.

Our approach is to reach a Broad Based audience, meaning that we can have a Category II cyclist riding next to a novice while both getting an excellent workout without any of them feeling out of place.

Our studio’s special sauce is that our instructors follow a Coaching based method of class design, cueing and motivation that meets everyone where they are and helps them get more out of each workout.