What inspires you?

Purpose in everything I chose to do.

Passion in executing it.

Perseverance in not giving up when the going gets tough.

What’s your fitness background?

My life’s trajectory changed dramatically when at 12, spinal fusion surgery left me immobilized on a canvas frame Stryker bed and later in a body cast, for 2 months. I vowed that if I could overcome all that physical adversity, I would honor my body by moving it, fueling it and caring for it as my most prized possession.

As part of my recovery, I started swimming and because I really don’t do anything half baked, I quickly got into it competitively. 

Fast forward to adulthood where I’ve been blessed to be able to swim, bike and run in triathlons, and dabble in all other forms of racing and recreational sport participation.

Any cycling, academic background or certifications?

My undergraduate degree is in Exercise Science and I have a Masters in Business Administration. 

I believe in performance excellence in all parts of life, whether that is physical or career related.

My day job involves helping students and executives be stellar communicators. I do the same for our instructors each time they prepare to inspire and motivate their class members.

I am certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise and a proud member of the Schwinn national master trainer team.

What do you like about Ethos Cycling?

I have taught group fitness and indoor cycling for over 25 years. An inspired group fitness class can brighten a dreary day, put a smile on your face and in some cases I have seen exercise transform lives!  It’s an honor to build a community with Ethos that shares my beliefs of a healthy, energized life. We create fun and memorable experiences in our classes; every time!