What inspires you?

I am so inspired when people tell me how exercise has helped them overcome something in their lives. I am a true believe that by becoming more confident in the gym, you become more confident in life.


What’s your fitness background?

I have been an athlete my whole life – swimming being my main sport. I started teaching group fitness classes back in 2011 in college. After graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology, I started working in corporate fitness in Purchase, NY. I quickly transferred to Boston to continue working in corporate fitness. I worked all over Boston for the past 4 years in collegiate, corporate, commercial, and community fitness. I ran my own bootcamps out of Athleta to promote health and wellness for women. I, also, worked as a personal trainer at Healthworks Fitness, an all women gym based out of Boston. Currently, in addition to being an instructor at Ethos, I am an adjunct instructor at IU, a coach on MoveWith (an app), and personal trainer.


Any cycling, academic background or certifications?

B.S. Kinesiology – Exercise Science Concentration

FMS Lvl 1

TRX Suspension Training Lvl 1

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Kettlebell Foundations

Pre- and Post-natal



What do you like about cycling at Ethos?

Coming from a cycling studio without consoles, I really love how Ethos has consoles. I love how Ethos is so athletically based and drops all the frills you might find at other studios. It’s great to be able to come to class and know how hard you are working and to be able to see progress. The coaching that is present at Ethos is such a key element to making your workouts better and more effective. It pushes you past where you thought you could go.