What inspires you?

I'm inspired by watching how transformative exercise is for people.

What’s your fitness background?

I started swimming competitively in the first grade and started coaching beginner swimmers for my club team when I was 13. All of that chlorine led to a swimming scholarship at Florida International University. Most of the summers during high school and college were spent coordinating a swimming lesson program in my hometown, coaching, or working at a health club in their fitness room. After college I took about five years off swimming and switched to running. After grad school I hopped on a bike and competed in triathlons. Although swimming is my primary sport, I love cycling on the open road.

Any cycling, academic background or certifications?

BA in International Relations from Florida International University and my Master in Public Affairs from IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs. 

Certified by Schwinn as an Indoor Cycling instructor.

What do you like about cycling at Ethos?

I feel like there are many places where a person can get a good workout in Bloomington but I've never exercised with somebody who has done such an enormous amount of theoretical fitness research as the founder, Tatiana has done. She puts theory into practice. She is very conscious and has taught our Ethos instructors how to use constructive language when leading a class. We have learned to be mindful of how some folks might hop on a bike who are battling major body image issues and how we as instructors should be aware of that and chose our words wisely. On a less serious note, I love working out to great tunes that really pump me up and make me want to conquer the week!