What inspires you?

New places, new people, and new activities!

What’s your fitness background?

I started my athletic career as a gymnast somewhere around the age of five. I competed in the gymnastics world for about eight years before I transitioned to cross country (a terrible phase of my life), soccer, swimming, and cheerleading. I grew up on numerous teams and that’s what made my decision to join the IU All Girl Cheer Team such an easy one. I competitively cheered with Indiana for my first two years of college and can honestly say that those are some of my favorite college memories.

My love for team experiences made group exercise a clear choice for workouts between seasons. I have enjoyed cycling, yoga, body weight classes, boxing lessons, HIIT workouts, and even CrossFit for a little while.

Any cycling, academic background or certifications?

I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in Finance at Indiana University and am certified by Schwinn as an indoor cycling instructor.

What do you like about cycling at Ethos?

For me, it’s all about the people. Ethos is home to a great collection of instructors that are focused, dedicated, and excited about what they do. They create workouts that are interesting, productive, and purposeful. I’m not an outdoor cyclist and while Ethos aims to honor authentic outdoor cycling, I don’t feel out of place. The faces are always smiling and welcoming – even to those of us that haven’t grown up in the saddle!