What inspires you?

There are 3 things that inspire and make the woman I am: travel, art, and music. I am a woman of the world! I love learning about different cultures, and that is apparent in my “fuego” playlists that change with every ride.

I am also inspired in my professional life by the power of art, and most often that is the art of dance. I believe there is an art in the way the body moves and what it is capable of. Often when I create my rides there is an artistic backing to it.

Tie that all together with music and that is who I am! There is a rhythm to everything and life is simply better with music!

What's your fitness background?

I developed a love for movement as a kid through dance and sports. As a college athlete and dance major I tapped into the professional world of fitness by getting my first certification with Schwinn. From that certification on, I blazed my way into mastering various forms of group exercise including group strength, circuits and choreography classes. 

Any cycling, academic background or certifications?

Masters of Science in Fitness and Wellness at Indiana University.

I now keep fitness as the foundation for my personal and professional life as I pursues her PhD in Health Behavior.

What do you like about cycling at Ethos?

Ethos is the community’s home for credible cycling that gives people a transformational experience. So often, fitness programs focus solely on aesthetic or physical benefits… but Ethos focuses on total wellness.

We deliver positive physical, emotional, mental, and social experiences through the art of cycling. Teaching indoor cycling is one of my all time favorite things to do, and it defines a part of who I am. Ethos gives me the outlet and support to continue my passion and witness the powerful transformative process physical movement creates.