What inspires you?

I am moved to exert myself to the fullest within my own abilities, and love the strength that is gained through focused and fun workouts.

I embrace the Ethos philosophy of exercise as transformation: I am determined every time I get on a bike to push myself out of my comfortable place.

I am also inspired by all the friends and coaches who have made me stronger, and I seek to pay that gift forward whenever I can.

What’s your fitness background?

I participated in some team sports like swimming and volleyball as a kid, but define myself more as a fitness “late bloomer.” In seeking healthier (and happier) activities as an adult, I bought a bike, and have rediscovered the joy of riding on the road, the trail…. and indoors!

Any cycling, academic background or certifications?
I am a newly minted Schwinn certified Instructor, but have worked in outreach and promotional services and taught art courses as an adjunct for the School of Art, Architecture, and Design at Indiana University for over 20 years.

What do you like about cycling at Ethos?

I am thrilled to be participating in a program that honors the authenticity of outdoor cycling. I have been an avid road and trail rider for over a decade, and I have been participating in indoor cycling classes for nearly as long. I am excited to help others realize the benefits of getting on (and staying on) the bike!