What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me. Making it to the top of a long climb. Seeing 50 kids covering state after state on a month long bike trip I do every year called Decycles.

Beating guys half my age in a bike race. Knowing that at 51, I am in the best shape of my life! 

What’s your fitness back ground?

I got into fitness a different way than most. I needed a way to relieve stress and forget about life. Once I started I was hooked!

For the last 8 years I have been primarily riding and racing bikes on the road and closed course. I average over 5000 mile a year on a bike. You could call me a “Cardio Junkie”… I run, bike, spin anything to get my heart pumping! 

Any cycling, academic background or certifications?

As a 4 year Little 500 coach for Phi Mu Cycling I put together rigorous training to get the team ready for race day. For college student cyclists to succeed I have to make them fast passed and upbeat.

As a working professional in the construction industry, I understand time constraints and busy schedules.

My goal is to get my riders in race shape quickly. I try to bring that energy and passion to my indoor cycling classes! 

What do you like about Ethos Cycling?

Ethos Cycling has a team where many of the instructors are real cyclists in this community. They just don’t talk about climbing those hills they have done it!

We a real, challenging workout for Bloomington without all the hype of the other places. Yes we love driving music and have lots of fun! But by the end of the class you will have gotten something out of it.